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Ottoman flavour

Just two miles north along the Golden Horn from Eminönü – the quarter known for Topkapi Palace, tour groups and Hagia Sophia – lies another Istanbul altogether. In the side-by-side quarters of Fener and Balat, lines of drying laundry stretch across steep, winding streets. Century-old Ottoman houses lean against each other in a kaleidoscope of reds, blues and greens. And art galleries and design shops dot the area along the water. Like the rest of Istanbul, Fener-Balat is changing. Unlike much of the rest of the city, though, the changes don’t – yet – involve condominiums and shopping malls. Nor have rents skyrocketed as much as in other areas that have retained an Ottoman flavour. This is why the quarter has become a cool hangout and a recognised design district; last autumn, tours of the area were a main event at the Istanbul Design Biennial. Kenan Sari has seen these changes at first hand. All his close relatives were born in the 160-year-old building where he now runs Cafe Fener, a hole-in-the-wall he opened in 2013, where locals and travellers come to sip frothing Turkish coffee and tap into the Wi-Fi. When he was growing up here, all of his […]

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Istanbul presents biggest tulip

As part of the 10th annual Istanbul Tulip Festival, organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, a 1,262-square-meter tulip carpet, which is also the biggest in the world, was made in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul and will be on display until April 26 Organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Istanbul Tulip Festival hosted a 1,262 square meter tulip carpet that was made of 545,000 live tulips. Known as the biggest tulip carpet of the world it will be displayed until April 26 at Sultanahmet. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Park and Green Area Directorate teams weaved the tulip carpet flower by flower in two nights at Sultanahmet Square. The carpet, which is a first in the world in terms of the living flowers it is composed of, created an outstanding sight and motif at the oldest square in Istanbul. Thousands of Istanbulites and tourists accompanied Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş during the opening ceremony of the carpet. Stating that Istanbul is a historical city that was the capital of three empires, Topbaş expressed his happiness and pride to display such a beautiful project at the intersection of the 1,400 years of the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Topbaş stressed […]

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